Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Are Not Alone or Thin Rich and Happy

You Are Not Alone: Words of Experience & Hope for the Journey Through Depresion

Author: Julia Thorn

A uniquely compassionate book that provides information, companionship and hope for individuals and families coping with depression.

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Thin, Rich and Happy: Take 3 Minutes to Start Your New Life

Author: Wayne E Nanc

67% of Americans are overweight.85% will retire in debt.50% of marriages end in divorce.Are you struggling with one of these challenges'Discover what's holding you back from a fully lived life. Take the 3-Minute Survey and discover how to use your inborn attitudes to alter every aspect of your life.

Three minutes can put you back in control of: your weight, your money, your relationships

When you find the numbers on the scale are too high, you go on the latest fad diet. When your finances are getting out of control, you look for someone or something to bail you out. When you are having difficulty in your relationship, you try to spend more time with your significant other. But all too often, the weight slips back on. Or the credit card bills begin to pile up again. You and your partner retreat from the passionate intimacy you both long for. Why does this happen? Because diets, budgets, and "date nights" are quick fixes and quick fixes do not bring about permanent solutions.

Twenty-seven years ago, Wayne E. Nance's life was out of control. An incessant smoker, he weighed an unhealthy 315 pounds. His marriage was quickly disintegrating and his finances were bottoming out. Wayne was like many Americans -- fat, broke, and headed for divorce court. When he got a handle on one of his challenges, one of the others got worse. That's when he realized this: obesity, debt, and relationship meltdown are surface problems which reveal our core attitude and beliefs. We are all born with a basic outlook on life and it is this orientation that drives our behavior.

Once Wayne was able to recognize how and why he madecertain choices, he was able to bring his life back into balance. Today, Wayne is a trimmed-down success story, having permanently lost over one hundred pounds, paid off over $40,000 of credit card debt, and has been married for over thirty years. He developed the Real Life Management system, which has helped over 50,000 people greatly enhance their lifestyle. In Thin, Rich and Happy, he outlines the system for you.

The cornerstone of the Real Life Management system is the 3-Minute Survey, which will help you identify your core attitude. From there Wayne presents a unique five-step ALTER plan that's customized to your individual needs and attitudes and will help you focus on how your individual blind spots affect the state of your health, finances, and relationships.

There are no bad attitudes. Your attitude is a gift that you've been given to make your unique contribution to the world. You are fine just the way you are -- but you may not be happy with the way you live. Thin, Rich and Happy is an essential blueprint for dramatic improvement in the three areas that matter so much to our health, happiness, and prosperity.

Anita N. Jennings - Library Journal

Nance is the creator and CEO of Real Life Management Inc., a company devoted to providing education to companies and individuals on real-life topics. With the help of his coauthors—Hendricks is president of an educational consulting firm, and Lewis is the managing partner of Lewis Group International—he tackles three main life components in an easy-to-read conversational format: weight, finance, and relationships. Nance writes that "[e]ach of us is born with an attitude that heavily determines what we focus on in life. That attitude affects what we pay attention to, what holds our interest, and what we consider priorities. To really make a difference, we don't need to change ourselves, only alter our attitudes." Accordingly, readers must fill out a three-minute survey that assesses their core attitude. From there, the author offers steps that can be taken over time to change one's attitude—no quick-fix solutions here! Overall, there are many interesting examples given to discuss the different types of attitudes that individuals display. Suitable for public libraries.

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